Cannes Film Fest & the French Riviera

This is the French Riviera.

THIS is the French Riviera.

When I finished my last tour in Spain, I flew to the south of France to visit a girlfriend of mine. Unfortunately, I arrived in France tired and a bit haggard, as I had just spent a lovely evening trying to save some cash and sleeping in the Barcelona airport, waiting for my connecting flight the next morning.  It was extra horrible because the airline made me check my backpack all the way through from Santiago to Nice, which I wasn’t expecting.  So I quickly took out my wallet and my computer from my backpack, totally forgetting everything else I might want to have for my sleepover at the airport – like a sweater, a toothbrush, or something soft to use as a pillow.  So I spent an unforgettable night in an overly air-conditioned airport under bright fluorescent lighting, with my fingers and lips turned blue from the cold, using my Macbook Air as a pillow.

Look it's a boring photo of a line-up at the airport.

Look! It’s a boring photo of a line-up at the airport, while I try to sleep on my Macbook Air.

I haven’t mentioned yet that my friend Sam lives just outside of Cannes, and the day I got in, the Cannes Film Festival was still going on.  Despite arriving in this haggard state, my friend Sam insisted we go check out film festival.  And I’m glad she did.

What’s so great about the Cannes Film Festival, is that you get to follow your trashy heart – give in to the thrill of celebrity obsession!  Similar to purchasing People or Vanity Fair or Teen Beat, or whatever you got going on.  I don’t often buy magazines, but I have recently found a new appreciation for them – since spending a lot of time at airports, and therefore have a new appreciation for celebs.  Plus they usually have perfume samples inside on the pages, and if you ever see me at an airport I’m probably either reading a magazine or rubbing it into my wrists and neck.  Moving on, we saw Nicole Kidman on the red carpet!!!  She looked beautiful and elegant!  But she also looked like she could possibly fall over at any moment due to her restricting dress and high heals.  But really, she is a stunner, and it was so cool to see a celeb in real life.  (I lost my marbles when I saw her.  There was some Elaine from Seinfeld shoving and a lot of hands-on-mouth gasping).


The man on Nicole’s right is holding her up.

But the Cannes Film Fest was even more ideal for regular weird people watching!  Models, people who dress crazy and I like it, dogs with blow-outs, and plastic-surgery-gone-too-far people!  The best of the best!  Sam and I sat and had drinks outside and watched everyone walk by, and enjoyed every minute of it. (Actually Sam watched me slowly get a rash on my face, as my allergy to alcohol appears to be becoming increasingly more worrisome in my 30s).



My experience at Cannes Film Fest was reason enough to go visit the French Riviera, but of course there is much more to it than that, other than visiting my friend of course.  It’s quite chill there, and the other days I had were spent at the beach reading, and wandering around little shops in town.  Specifically, cheese, wine and chocolate shops.  So much cheese…  This life I have is tough sometimes.

After my visit with Sam, I took a train up to Paris from Nice, which goes along the pretty French Riviera and then along the rest of the French coast for about 2 hours, before changing direction north to Paris.  If you ever have the opportunity to take that train ride it is BEAUTIFUL, do it.  I was on the train, window seat and ready for Paris – armed with a sun kissed face, well relaxed, and freshly rubbed magazine perfume all over my body.  Next stop Paris!


On the train ride from Nice to Paris – exciting!!!

 Oh, and one more thing, stars ARE just like us – they can’t walk in heals either.

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