A Date In Paris


Our view from the top of the basilica looking back down at Paris.

I’m going to tell you about the best date I ever had, and it was in Paris. The unusual set of circumstances leading up to my date with Henri, I will let you imagine on your own.

Henri came over to the flat I’m staying at in Paris to pick me up for our date. And he came over bearing brunch to have on the balcony of my flat before we went out – with fresh orange juice, delicious French cheeses, baguettes and coffee. What a thoughtful guy! After brunch, we decided that we would wander aimlessly around the city and see where we ended up – with no map and no plans, I would be the one deciding where to go. Fun!

We first ended up at the top of a hill at a basilica, because it was the first big interesting building from afar I could see. Which, actually, has one of the best panoramic views of Paris. There is also a plaza there that has artists painting and a ton of different restaurants, cafes and fun shops – Montmare it’s called. We walked around watching artists paint, looking at hilarious french postcards, and stopped to have cappuccinos and crepes before we were off again. I pointed to the Eiffel Tower way on the other side of Paris, and declared it to be our next stop.

The artists market - Montmare.

The artists market – Montmare.

My favourite French postcard that I found.

My favourite French postcard that I found.

We walked through the huge and beautiful Jardin des Tuileries, and along the Seine River, and made it all the way to the Eiffel Tower – and we went to the very top! It was still romantic, despite there being hordes of tourists around, just because it’s the Eiffel Tower and you can’t mess that up really can you. We then went back down, and went for a late lunch. It was surreal to be having wine and delicious food, surrounded by the sweet hum of french conversation. I soaked it all in. Henri and I talked and ate, and our conversations flowed like we had known each other for years. Plus he’s got a wicked sense of humour to boot, and kept me laughing throughout most of the day.

Walking through one of the many kids parks in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Lastly, we dropped our “no plans” plans and googled to see if there were any concerts going on that we could go to. The Beach Fossils, a band I really like, were performing on the other side of town. So we took the metro hoping that there would be some tickets left, even though we were an hour late for the concert. There were tickets, and we arrived just as the band was starting to perform. The venue was quaint and cozy and stylish, not too crowded and not too empty. The show was great and it was the perfect way to end our date. Listening to the sweet chill melodies of a band I know and love, with someone pretty awesome.

Our view at the Beach Fossils concert.

Our view at the Beach Fossils concert.

At the end of night, Henri walked me all the way home, like a true gentleman. I felt so happy and really lucky to have shared such a wonderful day with someone so great. I leaned forward to kiss him, and that’s when I kissed the mirror in the hallway. Because Henri doesn’t exist. Everything I did today, I did by myself.

You don’t need a hot date to enjoy the most romantic city in the world. I can do that all on my own thanks! Table pour un s’il vous plaît!

My brunch I so romantically made for myself.

My brunch I so romantically made for myself.

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