Jet-Lag Depression is a Real Disease, and Can Affect the Ones You Love

I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I was suffering from jet-lag depression/infected eye depression. If I had written a post, I probably would have written some form of dark poetry, while gauging my eyes out.

I’m writing from home for the first time, because I’m on break in between tours. So I’m going to write about coming home.

At the end of my tours, all I can think of is how much I can’t wait to come home. But instead of actually coming home, I usually book myself to stay a little longer in the country, in order to take advantage of my job and explore, then I go home. This last occasion was to go “spring” hiking in South Korea, which actually ended up being more like snow-blizzard hiking – wearing my Lululemons, my stupid lady gloves that I still haven’t upgraded from, and a North Face jacket much too small to cover me properly. The hike started sunny, and I was bouncing up and down so excited for the hike! Sadly, I ended up at the summit, on a sheer rock face, in the middle of a snow blizzard, unable to see two feet in front of me, with no where to hide from the intense wind. But I am not here to talk about my hiking trip in Korea, I want to talk about coming home!

I thought I signed up for spring hiking? We had a deal nature!

This is how I feel when I’m about to come home: I feel as though my heart might actually explode, I could cry at any moment with happiness, I smile all day long, and I have an uncharacteristic amount of energy. I get to the airport roughly 6 hours before the flight is actually scheduled to depart, and as soon as the plane lands I want to run out! Last time I came home, I did run up the stairs at the Vancouver airport, but I unfortunately tripped and landed on my newly purchased ukulele – everyone else was taking the escalator beside the stairs (regular people) with the perfect view of my ass over ukelele, backpack on head, cirque du soleil fall. Someone tried to help me up, I must have looked extra pathetic, or it was just their manners – I can’t tell sometimes. But no matter, I don’t care about anything else when I’m coming home – nothing can bring me down or embarrass me! (Things can in fact bring me down, like falling on stairs here).

Other things that can apparently bring me down: jet-lag depression! I miss my family and friends so much when I am away, mostly because I’m alone ALL THE TIME when I’m away (being in charge of a group of people doesn’t count as being with people – FYI). So you can understand why coming home and being uncharacterisically sad and lathargic was a little unnerving. All I felt like doing was curling up into the fetal position and sleeping. And my niece kept ripping my heart out by saying “Auntie, you look like someone else.” – WHAT?! WHY?! Is it my swollen eye? Or because I look so tired? My niece also told me that I “don’t smell good.” She will clearly be a life coach in the future.

My chosen depression bed - which is also my bed in my nieces room while I'm home visiting.

My chosen depression bed – which is also my bed in my nieces room while I’m home visiting.

But anyway, I made it out of that slump today! I spent the day with my niece singing, exploring and picking flowers; I went to a YOGAAAAAAAAAAAAA class and felt like I am always destined to feel – powerful, zenny (not a word, yet!), happy and energized, and I’m en route to dig out my long lost Vancouver clothes from my apartment! To be in my jeans again – this is a simple pleasure those of you living at home take for granted. Comfy, casual jeans.

My niece and I today in the middle of picking some flowers/ her flashing her belly at passing strangers.

My niece and I today in the middle of picking some flowers/ her flashing her belly at passing strangers.

I am now ready to see my friends, go for bike rides and enjoy the two short weeks I have home. Because really, my family and friends are the most important things to me. And I am ecstatic to be home! See you later jet-lag!



3 thoughts on “Jet-Lag Depression is a Real Disease, and Can Affect the Ones You Love

  1. Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing your feelings on coming home! I think a lot of people find it hard to express how they feel when they first arrive home from being away for so long, but sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself. You certainly look/seem happy though Erin! Enjoy your two weeks in Vancouver.

  2. I get terrible depression when I get home after a long trip. I didn’t realize until today that it is actually from the jet lag! Glad I’m not the only one who experiences this. Wait until I tell my husband.. he won’t believe it. He thinks when I travel for work it is a vacation!

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